Warranty and Delivery


Air Gage Products warranties all of it’s products to be free from manufacturing defects and further, that under normal use they will perform as stated for a period of 12 months from shipment. Use with a contaminated air supply, physical damage and excessive wear are exceptions to this warranty. No liability for consequential damages or costs other than the repair or replacement of defective or miss marked tooling or components is expressed or implied. Sales of custom finished air gage members and setting masters are non-refundable. All sales of manufactured and finished-to-order products are final.


Air Gage Products makes every effort to provide our customers with high- quality tooling and gages at better lead times than our competitors. Our staff and our factory are geared toward superior customer service.
(Standard delivery times are approximated because of shop load and material availability.) Expedite delivery is guaranteed, but is subject to availability.

Shipping Insurance Policy

Air Gage Products policy with regard to insurance on shipments by us is to insure all packages with a replacement value of more than $300.00 unless we receive, in writing, authorized direction Not to do so.

Standard Delivery

– Normal Delivery for Standard thru and blind air members with class
X or XX Masters is as follows:

Size Range

Standard Delivery


3-4 Weeks


4-5 Weeks

3.000” & Above

5-6 Weeks


Expedited Delivery

– Expedited Delivery is available and a 30% surcharge (or $50.00
which ever is greater) is added to off set extra processing costs.
Please call for best delivery and availability.